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The banker has left the building! It’s just you and your partner in crime that are breaking into the vault full with bags of money. Now thanks to help of another person, you’re able to each grab two bags each (increasing your chances of making away with a haul). But if you happen to grab one of the bags that has a dye pack, you’re busted and going home empty handed.

Here’s How It Works:

Listen to The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show for the vault alarm and the code word that goes with it. It could be at anytime in the morning, but the cast will be dropping hints that day to when it could be happening. Be the right caller, know the code word and enter the vault with your P.I.C. You can only grab four of the total ten bags that are there. These bags could have anything from $50 all the way to $1,000 in each of them. Once you and said accomplice leave, you can start opening up the bags to see what you’ve got, but don’t open a bag with a dye pack or it’s bust and all the money is toast.ContestsMore Information