Power Crew

Show NameHours On AirDays On AirShow/Talent
Kidd Kraddick Morning Show5:00am - 9:00amMonday - FridayAl, Kellie, J-Si and Jenna
Late Morning9:00am - 11:00amMonday - FridayNick Northern
Mid-Day11:00am - 3:00pmMonday - FridayMaxine Jones
Afernoon3:00pm - 7:00pmMonday - FridayMaverick
Nights7:00pm-MidMonday - FridayZac Sang
Talent Bios

Kidd Kradick

Al, Kellie, J-Si and Jenna keep the legacy of Kidd Kraddick ALIVE and well weekdays on the show, bringing us the latest celeb and entertainment and music gossip, as well as whatever randomness is going on in THEIR lives, too.

It’s quite addicting … just listen Monday – Friday from 5a until 9a


Nick Northern

Nick Northern has been workin radio since 2000. Starting in South Dakota, moving to Minnesota, then Montana and now North Dakota!

While always being in love with music, Nick decided he was going to be a DJ when his 8th grade teacher told him he needed math to succeed in life. She showed him a chart of professions and what math was needed for them. Radio DJ had the least, and he’s never looked back. She got fired the next year, and he’s still doing radio, so looks like he made the right choice!

Nick is a daddy to a beautiful 2 year old girl named Norah, and is expecting a baby boy soon! When not on the air you can find the two of them along with his wife, Kristin, spending time at the park with their German Shepherd, Einstein.

Nick is excited to be a part of Power 95 and you can catch him 9-11 Monday thru Friday and also Saturday’s from 3-7!

Mad Max

I started my radio career in high school and have worked in Williston North Dakota, Marshall Minnesota, Sioux Falls South Dakota, Minot North Dakota and Minneapolis Minnesota. I love my job, and look forward to spending time with you mid-days on Power 95!



Kent “The Maverick” Simonis is a classic example of a “hometown boy who went out to see the world, did good and came home”.  After a 22 year career in VA and Navy healthcare, Maverick moved back home to start his second career as a radio personality, as the host of Power 95’s pm drive broadcast “Rolling Home with The Maverick” from 3-6 pm weekdays. Maverick is also part of the Power 95 sports broadcasting team and is very active in the Sidney Chamber of Commerce and Job Service Employers Council.


Zac Sang

22 years old…went to college until they kindly asked me to leave half a semester in. I can only wear two different pairs of shoes due to bad juju, I show off my plants like they are my children, Olympic Gold Medal Winning Facebook Creep, I am as they say “honest” and some people say that I look like Ellen Degeneres (incredible compliment).

I am also looking for love…lol.

Stacy Lynn

I’m originally from Sunny San Diego, Ca. My radio career has led me to many great cities.

My favorite part of radio is the listeners, I love to ski and I love the mountains.  Love to talk food and fun places to explore. Punch me in weekends on Power 95.




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